Awareness and Heart-opening Coaching

* Are you looking for the meaning of life?

* Have you had enough of the constant change of joy and pain?

* Do you want to live with an open heart and in love?

* Do you want real and true freedom?

* Are you already "on the spiritual path" for some time and have the feeling that you are stuck?

* Do you want to be confident and authentic?

* Do you want to BE rather than DO?

* Have you had enough of "strategies" to attain happiness? 

* Do you prefer to be free instead of being dependent on material success /money /career /outside things ?

* Are you looking for the truth IN yourself?

* Do you want to be at peace with your family, current and past relationships, co-workers etc?



This coaching intensive is designed to help you to be free, conscious and loving. Who are you without the learned roles, old beliefs, and concepts you inherited? What is your true self? The aim here is to leave false identifications behind you and free yourself. Learn to see through your mind and become free of misconceptions and emotional energy stored in the body. In this coaching, opening of the heart goes hand in hand with the search for truth.


I'll support you in removing your projections/mirrors so that your life becomes harmonious, inside and out. For this to happen sincere desire from your side is necessary. In addition, you need dedication, courage and discipline to uncover yourself and to maintain the commitment. The forces of divine grace, divine knowledge and divine love will be supporting you along the way. It is a joy and honor for me to be your guide. 



Duration: 9 months and can be increased by 1 month after 9 months repeatedly

Per month: 2 calls a 60 minutes via phone or Skype In between contact via email

Cost: € 180 (including VAT) per month